Carpet and upholstery cleaning process

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

  1. Professional carpet cleaning starts with a thorough and correct pre-inspection.
  2. We will inspect the area noting the carpet or upholstery type, construction and soiling conditions. Advice will be offered regards any possible permanent conditions.


Step 2 – Dry Soil Extraction

This is an important step to remove dry particulate matter that becomes embedded within the fibres. A large percentage of non-soluble soils are extracted at this stage.

We have invested in a range of machinery for this important task to suit both the commercial and domestic environment including the fabled Chemspec Pile lifter which is world renowned for the work that it does.

Step 3 – Pre-Spray

We prescribe and apply Pre sprays according to the needs of the fibres and the soiling conditions. Our solutions are both Eco friendly, non-toxic and effective. Hot organic solution is applied to emulsify and detach soluble soiling away from the surfaces being treated.


Step 4 –  Agitation

At this stage we massage the prescribed pre spray into the fibres. This is much like when you shampoo your hair or when rubbing your hands together as you are washing them. We have several methods available to us for and we will tailor our process to suit the surfaces we are working on to get the very best possible results.

Step 5 –  Rinse Extraction

Once the agitation is complete its time to rinse and extract the detached soils away.
We use the industry’s finest hot water extraction equipment to thoroughly flush the carpet pile and remove the soiling and moisture.
We use favour our Truckmounted system for this stage, but if access or security is an issue, we also use high powered portables for your convenience.
Our rinsing agents, pressure and heat are all regulated so that carpet is not just hygienic but near dry, soft, clean and fresh.
It’s often surprising just how many spots and stains come away at this stage


Step 6 – Post Spot and Stain Treatment

Any spots or stains not taken out during the deep cleaning process may require advanced spotting techniques to remove them.

All technicians performing these services are specially equipped and trained for this type of work and will advise you of suitability.

Please Note:  Some stains do have the potential to be permanent.

Step 7 –Protector Application

If this option has been chosen a suitable protector is now applied to the freshly cleaned items to make future good looks and maintenance easier. Warranties issued are spot and stain free for up to a year.

Please Note:  Some stains do have the potential to be permanent.

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Step 8 –Post Grooming

The carpet pile is lofted and set for visual appeal plus further improved for drying.

Step 9 –Post Inspection

Following completion, the technician will walk through your home or workplace to ensure that you are completely happy with our work and services.