Carmarthenshire Carpet Care have been continually providing our commercial clients premium non-franchised service in all aspects of carpet , upholstery and hard flooring care.

We supply sanitary areas and improved indoor environments for the public and private sectors This is beneficial to the the safety and well being of all staff, clients and visitors alike. All our clients are entitled to a free no obligation quote and Pre cleaning survey.

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We can also offer consultancy to commercial and private housekeeping services to assist in the management and maintenance of all your flooring and fabrics. Accurate quotes are produced on the merits of the work involved.

A bespoke service is often the most affordable whilst ensuring the works are kept to a high standard. The longevity of your hard earned investments improved whilst continually offering an optimum image reflects a company that truly cares and wants the best for everyone.

Landlords and tenants can expect deep cleaning that is safe affordable and efficient Nobody wants to inherit some elses dirt. Tenants find that professional cleaning is often the most affordable and hassle free way to ensure the return of your deposit. If any interested parties would like to have a free no obligation quote and demonstration at their premises please contact us for prompt attention.

We have the right qualifications skills and experience and everytime you can expect

  • Qualified technicians
  • Quality and performance
  • Understanding
  • A trusted and experienced professional