At Carmarthenshire Carpet Care we have the knowledge skills and understanding needed to offer a complete service for all the rugs and mats within the home or workplace.

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes, designs and construction types. A typical wool or silk woven rug can last over a lifetime and good examples will often command high prices to buy in or replace.

Often a rug will be part of a family for a long time and hold sentimental value.

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A typical rug can hold many times the amount of soiling and pollutants a broadloom carpet will.

The finer materials and methods of construction often mean a deeper understanding and advanced care needed to restore the rug to its former glory whilst avoiding any damage. Protective treatments are available for those types of rug which are suitable.

Advice regards protection and long term care is always free and happily given. Off site treatments are available including pick up and delivery services Our specialist equipment, techniques and knowledge are employed to bring the best in service and value that you can trust.

Commercial rugs offer a welcoing and quality image to all visitors. An upscale feature which looks great and provides a valuable non slip surface for all users. A properly cleaned and cared for rug or entrance matting need not cost a lot to look great all year round. For prompt attention and a free demontration of commercial rug care. Please feel free to call.