The finer fabrics and upholstery around our homes and workplaces signify a significant investment.

Most seating provides us with good everyday use and is subject to various soilings, wear and tear.

When maintenance schedules are missed or accidents occur professional intervention is needed to avoid loss and expensive replacement fees. Upholstery which has the correct maintenance will provide healthy and comfortable use for many years whilst retaining its investment and value.

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As Fibre care specialists we are aware of the many differing fabrics featured around the home and workplace. In order to provide the best standards of service and value for money for each and every client we have made major investments in the correct time, training, materials and equipment to help us deliver our commitments to you.

We use non toxic Eco friendly products which are pet and child safe . This means no skin or chest irritation associated with harsh products and their use. A true deep clean which is just bright fresh and healthy for all.

Most upholstery and fine fabric is suitable to some type of protection and if applicable your qualified technician will advise you of the best methods available for your particular needs.

We are always happy to provide free no obligation quotes and advice for all our clients.

Commercial Clients

Free demonstrations are available with commercial quotes so you can see the difference. Consultations can be arranged as required for facility managers. For prompt attention please do not hesitate to contact us.