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Expert Carpet Repairs from Carmarthenshire Carpet Care.

It’s not uncommon to find a perfectly good carpet in a poor state that can be returned to great serviceable condition. Our repairs are guaranteed for the life of the item we are working on. From a re weave , re tuft, colour repair, a bonded insert or stain removal. We got you covered.

Before deciding to buy a new carpet take a second look or even better give us a call to see if we can save you some time and money 😊

Carpets are typically laid under tension and held in place via gripper bars around the perimeter.

Over time, a number of causes can create rippling or buckling , this is not only unsightly but reduces cleaning and maintenance to the point it’s simply not effective. We understand that to be able to clean a carpet properly it has to be fitted well. If this is not done, longer term issues can arise as a result of this including permanent delamination. We will be able to either refit or re stretch the installation, so it not only looks great but performs as the manufacturer originally intended. This will avoid early replacement saving you money ,time and hassle plus unnecessary landfill or waste.

Pets or pests

Our favourite furry friends can, paddle, scratch, nibble and claw their way right through the carpet and underlay down to the subfloor leaving  shreds and holes behind. If we combine the odd accident that even advanced cleaning is not able to help, you would be forgiven thinking the flooring is at a loss. Help is only ever a phone call away.


Common burns include iron marks , hair straighteners,  Coals or embers from solid fuel fires, chemical scorching , cigarettes, plus home hobby activities etc.

Don’t worry, It’s not the end of the world, or the carpet. We are always happy to pop over and give you a free evaluation and the perfect remedy so you can enjoy the investment and performance of your floor coverings.

Split seams

We all enjoy a good laugh but when your carpets are splitting at the seams its just not funny. In a commercial or residential setting this often leaves a tripping hazard. As time goes, wear is rapidly taking place as the exposed sections get stressed through footfall and other external elements.

We can re-seam your carpets to last the lifetime of the installation to provide increased longevity and a safer environment.


Whether it’s  wine , paint, blood, motor oil, curry  or bleach it doesn’t mean the end even if previous cleaners attempts have been unsuccessful.

We have been used by insurance companies ,commercial and residential properties to evaluate and provide remediation to many households and our unique skill set enables a much higher success rate than ever possible before.

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