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Deep Cleaning is the first step in effective maintenance and restoration of your Carpets ,Upholstery and Rugs.

Carpet manufacturers often insist on a yearly professional clean to validate warranties.

Our technicians have several systems available to provide the best solution for what’s required and will be able to advise you on how best to maintain your investments for the future.

The indoor environment is constantly being charged with contaminants including dust, dander, allergens, pollutants even greasy soils all of which build up around us and can even be respirable.

Our carpets and furnishings do a lot more than provide us with a comfortable place to live and work.

The fabrics within the indoor environment trap and hold the contaminations from the air and its surroundings and holds them very much like a filter ready for removal. Eventually soils build up and standard cleaning methods can no longer remove these contaminations effectively.

Professional intervention is needed to maintain overall health and longevity for both the users and the items being treated. All of our valued clients have a free no obligation quote and Pre Clean Survey, Carmarthenshire Carpet Care works to government approved industry standards PAS 86 As experienced carpet cleaning specialists we understand the correct care for all your Carpets, Upholstery, and Rugs utilising the correct treatments and methods for your fabrics is vital to providing not just the best cleaning but also the prevention of long term damage to you or your goods.

We are leading the way bringing the best in industry and value for money to your homes and workplaces.

Watch how effective our system is!

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The perfect choice. Brilliant if you are just moving , or not had a maintenance clean in a while.

Using our truck mounted systems and highly trained technicians we will ensure that your carpets and upholstery are in the very best condition possible and ready for use very shortly after our service. Backed with our no quibble,  “Best results or money back guarantee” for additional peace of mind.

Our most popular package deal.

All the benefits of Option 1. Plus, the peace of mind your carpets , upholstery, rugs or hard floors are fully protected. We can guarantee you to be spot and stain free for up to a year. Always a great choice especially for natural fibres.

All the benefits of Options 1 and 2 plus a full maintenance program just for you.

A firm favourite with our commercial clients and larger households. Attractive discounts, product supply and unlimited support as and when you need it, all within an affordable monthly plan.

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